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Kaca Patri Tumbuhan

Jungle Stained Glass in Ubud, Bali

As our stained glass installation continues to cast its spell on visitors, it stands as a timeless legacy to the enduring beauty of Ubud. It reminds us all of the need to cherish and preserve the natural wonders that make this corner of the world so special. In a rapidly changing world, this exquisite piece of art serves as a reminder of the irreplaceable value of nature and the enduring power of human creativity. 

In the heart of Ubud, where the jungle meets the town, a stained glass masterpiece is a testament to the beauty of nature and the skill of the human hand. It beckons all who visit to pause and contemplate the boundless wonders of the natural world, and it does so with a grace and elegance that is truly extraordinary. Ubud’s enchanting stained glass is not merely an art installation; It is a sight to cherish.

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